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GERD - Too Much Reflux?

McLeod Performs a Second Minimally
Invasive Surgical Live Webcast

Dr. Reginald Bolick, Dr. John Sonfield and Dr. Amy Murrell, three surgeons with Pee Dee Surgical Group, were the lead physicians involved in the second surgical live webcast held at McLeod Health.

Drs. Bolick and Sonfield performed a minimally invasive procedure for acid reflux disease (GERD) on Wednesday, June 7 at 3:00 p.m. Dr. Murrell served as the moderator, providing education and information about this innovative and specialized surgical procedure to both physician and consumer audiences.

The "Lap Nissen" procedure was performed live in the McLeod OR of Tomorrow. A worldwide audience had the ability to observe the surgery in real time on the Internet via www.mcleodhealth.org and www.orlive.com. The public can observe this surgical procedure for an entire year, archived on both websites.

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